For Luxury Bedding, Choose Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting designer bedding. You may be drawn to a particular color, pattern, or style. But it is also important to look at the quality of the fabric if you want your investment to last. One choice of material in designer bedding is egyptian cotton bed linen, which stands well above the rest.

Egyptian cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton bed linen are different from regular cotton bedding or sheets. You may wonder why Egyptian cotton bedding or Egyptian cotton sheets are more expensive than regular cotton ones; several reasons make Egyptian cotton far superior in designer bedding.

Egyptian cotton bed linen is made from two different cotton plants that are native to America but were introduced to Egypt in the 19th century. Egyptian cotton made from these plants has longer fibers and is softer on the skin than regular cotton. Egyptian cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton bed linens tend to have a higher thread count, which means it will last considerably longer than regular cotton.

For these reasons, Egyptian cotton is a higher quality designer bedding choice. Although Egyptian cotton bed sheets may initially cost more, the fact that they will last much longer makes them a better investment in designer bedding.

If you decide to purchase Egyptian cotton bed linen, there are several factors to consider. First, make sure that the Egyptian cotton bedding is 100% Egyptian Cotton and not a cotton blend. Pure Egyptian cotton is pricier but well worth it with the knowledge that you have selected the finest designer bedding.

Thread count is also important. Thread count means how closely the cotton fibers are woven together. The higher the thread count, the better made the Egyptian cotton bedding are going to be. A higher thread count on Egyptian cotton bedding or Egyptian cotton linens also mean greater softness and durability.

Buying designer sheets can feel overwhelming as you will have to live and sleep with your decision for a long time to come. Egyptian cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton bedding are a top choice in designer bedding as they come from natural materials and are soft and durable. Although more expensive than regular cotton, Egyptian cotton will keep you comfortable for a long time.

The fibers in Egyptian cotton bed linen also can absorb liquids Much better than any other material, making it less demanding than at any other time to color.Egyptian cotton colors will remain likewise for the most part last longer even after constant washing. Egyptian cotton is made with to a great degree high string checks. Materials with high string checks are considered to have amazing quality, as the texture is more grounded and keeps going longer.

Egyptian cotton linens often feel hard when first purchased and do not have the silky soft feeling that you would expect from a luxury bedding piece. However, unlike other materials that fade and become thinner after each wash, Egyptian cotton sheets become softer and Retain their high quality after each laundering. Egyptian cotton must always be made in Egypt to obtain such a high quality, as along the river Nile are unique nutrients that help to create a much stronger and softer material compared to other types of cotton.